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Valentines park, Ilford

Ellie came for the session with her two children, and a friend, Ralitsa. Ralitsa was really helpful as she could take care of the kids, while me and Ellie were working hard in that hot weather. It was the middle of the summer, and lots of sunshine. Obviously, I couldn't shoot under a direct sun, so, had to look for an available shade. Ellie brought two dresses, had a hat as a prop. It was a good idea with the hat, as it complimented the leather jacket very well. I overlooked the watch on her wrist, I think it was too hot to pay attention!

Woman in a red dress wearing a grey hat Woman in a red dress and leather jacket holding a hat Woman in a white dress with her arms up

Towpath Mile End, London

Daniela had her own style of clothing as you can see on photos. I think it suits her personality very well as I know her. She's an artist and a free soul, an independent woman having her own opinion about everything. She was very confident during the photo session, barely smiling, rather serious. The location was ideal, the weather was just right, slightly sunny. That orange top and a brown jacket harmonise really well with the green background and her blue jeans. Nice combination indeed!

Young woman in blue jeans and brown jacket standing near a willow tree Young woman in blue jeans and brown jacket standing on a wooden bridge Young woman in blue jeans and brown jacket standing on the stairs

Valentines park, Ilford

Jessica liked wearing a mixture of formal and casual clothes, well, as being a language teacher. She had her own opinion about how she should look like on photos. She hated those fake model poses, and preferred to be natural as she would be in her everyday life. The light on that location on that particular day wasn't very favourable. There was a lot of sunshine, and I needed to look for a shade all the time. Though, those sunny spots were much nicer than in a shade. I wish it was an overcast day!

Young woman sitting on the grass Young woman sitting on a tree trunk Young woman in a beige coat walking

Goodmayes park, Ilford

Gracy is my piano student, I've been teaching her for a few years now. She was a bit shy during the session, and asked me to wait until someone passed by. Well, there are always people around in a public place! It was also a warm day in a late summer, and there were clouds in the sky. There was no shade in the space I chose for the shoot, as it was partially hidden from people in the park. Lack of shade wasn't the problem, as I just waited for the clouds to cover the sun, which happened every few minutes.

Teenage girl standing at the fence Teenage girl holding a tree branch Teenage girl sitting on the grass and holding a tree branch


My fellow photographer Norman invited me for a session in Chelmsford, just to have fun shooting together. Paige wanted to start modelling, and needed some images for her portfolio. First we were shooting in Hylands park some distance away from Chelmsford. It was the end of March, so quite chilly despite of the sun shining. After the park, we moved into the city centre area, where there were shops still closed because of the lockdown. There were barely any people around, so it was easy to shoot as no one got into the scene.

Young woman in blue jeans standing between two trees Young woman in white clothes standing on a bridge Young woman sitting on the stairs

Wanstead park, London

Stevie was keen to do a bluebell photoshoot. So, we agreed for a session in the middle of May, while bluebells were still around. She brought lots of outfits, but I advised to choose only the best four as there wasn't enough time to try them all. I knew that there wouldn't be enough light in the woods, so I took my speedlight with me and used it as on-camera flash. It was already 4pm, and I tried to be quick so that Stevie could use all of her four outfits. Stevie could do all the posing herself, with a minimal guidance from me.

Asian woman in a white dress kneeling at bluebells Asian woman in a yellow dress kneeling and holding her hair Asian woman in a blue dress sitting on a tree trunk

Valentines park, Ilford

Me and Churnet were both attending Photography class in Gants Hill. That's where we got to know each other. Then lockdowns started, and people weren't so keen to meet up for a photography session. But we needed to keep going somehow. That's why me and Churnet agreed to photograph one another in Valentines park, just to keep practising. It took two different days to complete the work, as she was wearing a white sweater on the 1st day, and it didn't look so good on images.

Black woman standing next to a tree Black woman standing next to the door and a wall Black woman holding a tree branch with flowers
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